4 Ways To Overcome a Lack of Motivation

4 Ways To Overcome a Lack of Motivation

The name of the game is self-reflection. We should know better than anyone else what encourages us, builds us up, and give us energy. More importantly, we should know what threatens our ability to achieve what we set out to do.

Personally, I’m obsessed with pinpointing the things in my life that drain me of my motivation and keep me from accomplishing my goals and objectives.

If anything, I’ve come to realize that some “motivational leaks” are blatant, while others are insidious. So below are 4 things that have depleted me of my motivation, followed by some practical handles I’ve implemented to overcome them.

1.) Revisit Your “Why”

We all have reasons why we want to accomplish certain things. But that “why,” if not carefully considered, can sometimes work against us.

For example, “wanting to make more money,” is a horrible “why.” Everyone and their mother wants to make more money. But what about impacting the lives of others, serving those in need, or leaving behind a legacy for our kids? Now, that’s a “why.”

Here’s the thing: the best “why’s are never self-serving. Sure, you can earn more money, but then what? You may have more disposable income to purchase things, but where is the lasting impact?

I’ll give you a personal example. As a writer, I want nothing more than to have a sizeable readership base (what writer wouldn’t). But what good is it to have a solid readership base but no lasting impact upon those that engage with my content? Spinning my wheels in pursuit of readers is deflating, but spinning my wheels to provide content that positively affects the lives of my readers is motivating.

It’s a shift in focus – but it makes a world of difference.

Practical Handle:

Ensure your why is sustainable and that it incites a profound emotional response. Once emotion sits at the center of your “why” – motivation hardly depletes.

2.) Review Your Plan of Action

This is one I’ve struggled with greatly.

I like to think in terms of the “big picture.” I can have ideas for days, but detailing a plan to achieve them has never been my forte. So while I may have a head full of steam that sustains me for a bit, it eventually dies out because I haven’t laid down enough tracks to get me to where I’m trying to be.

Are you the same way?

Practical Handle:

Without a plan of action, a dream is exactly that – a dream. I have learned that the best way to achieve my goals is to work backward’s. Determine your end goal, and work backward’s to nail down steps and objectives that lead you to where you are now.

The key is to create daily actionable items that propel you closer and closer to your desired end.

As with any plan, we can always expect detours and unexpected challenges (this is where being flexible comes in). But regardless, having to navigate a detour is much better than heading in no particular direction in hopes of arriving at our goal.

3.) Check Your Intake

Just like a train headed to a destination, we need proper fuel to get us from where we are in life – to where we want to be.

Problem is, negativity sells.

The entertainment industry, for example, thrives off of our incessant love of negativity. Let’s face it, we love drama. We want to see fights and arguments. Think of the first 45 seconds of any news show. Is it typically positive? No, because if it were nobody would tune in. It has to be negative. It has to be death, despair, and uncertainty – because that’s what sells. It’s crazy!

But if all we intake is negativity, then how can we possibly expect to conjure up the motivation to do anything – much less anything positive or worthwhile? We can’t because we’re sapped.

Understand that I am in no way trying to dissuade anyone to watch the news or tune into a show. By all means, go ahead.

All I’m saying is what goes in must come out.

Practical Handle:

I recommend taking a pulse of what you’re listening to and watching. Is it negative? Does it make you feel some kind of way? Then cut it out of your life – or strongly limit your exposure to it.

4.) Choose Your People Wisely

Just like negativity runs rampant in entertainment and news, people are just as negative themselves. Part of this is symptomatic of the fact that few people are cognizant of what they intake.

Like lifeless drones, the majority of people brainlessly absorb things unaware of the fact that it subconsciously informs their aspirations, and undermines their drive for better. Thus, when confronted with a person with goals and drive, their only response is to spew out what they’ve been personally indulging in – that being, negativity.

So people will effortlessly, and unapologetically, drain you of your motivation. Why? Because it’s easy. It’s easy to criticize, and it’s easy to poke fun.

Reality is, negativity doesn’t push against the current – but the pursuit for better does.

Practical Handle:

Choose your people wisely. Share your goals and aspirations with those (friends and family) that will fan the flames of motivation in your life – not extinguish them.

Motivation: An Asset to Protect

Our personal motivation is an asset. It is an invaluable tool that helps drive our desire for a better life. We have to protect it at all costs.

So whether it’s a faulty “why,” a lack of a plan, negativity, or people themselves – we need to ensure we do all that we can to protect the fuel that takes us from where we are – to where we want to be.

Do you have anything (not mentioned in this list) that saps you of your motivation? If so, what have you done to overcome it? Leave a comment below!