Make This YOUR Year

Make This YOUR Year

Right now I would imagine most of us are still in the honeymoon phase of the new year. We’re excited for what the year holds and look forward to pressing ahead and accomplishing the things we’ve set out to do in 2020. If this were a football game we’d be in the first quarter.

The energy is high, the crowd is roaring, and we’re feeling invincible.

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But here’s something – we’re not even a month into 2020 and World War 3 has already been a trending topic on Twitter.

Good Lord.

Money-Back Guarantee

I have a money-back guarantee for you. Ready?

I guarantee something will pop off this year that will either try to steal your joy, cause you angst or challenge your ability to remain steadfast in the things you want to accomplish.

Not what you wanted to hear? Sorry, I figure if you’re here I might as well shoot straight.

Believe me, I’m no pessimist. I’m not like those insufferable “realists” that feel the need to suck the air out of the room by gladly informing others that the desire to be better is unrealistic. On the contrary, I’m all about shooting for greater in all things. If you’re hoping to improve your life in some way – I’m here for it. I say go for it! And don’t relent until you arrive. 

But I know myself, I know my proclivity to have my aspirations derailed by something I didn’t call upon myself (as well as things I did). Are you the same way? 

So while I don’t think we should approach this year (or any year for that matter) in fear of the challenges that may be lurking around the corner; we should, however, embrace the fact that they’ll eventually show up – and typically at the most inopportune times.

Do You Own Them?

Here’s a thought. 

Do you consider your emotions and ambitions to be your own? Do you own them? Or are they dependent on external circumstances? If your pursuit for better in life rises and falls in accordance with things outside of your control, then your year is probably going to end up looking much like your last – again, bear with me while I shoot straight.

(It should be noted that I write in the same fashion that I speak to myself. I’m not about to b.s. myself.)

If we relegate our joy, peace, and aspirations to the whims of this world, we can rest assured that our lives will never improve and we’ll live in a continuous state of disappointment and discouragement.

So I say we own it – this year more than ever. Own our goals. Own our peace. Own our joy. Own our year.

Come what may, and it will – if it hasn’t already; but let’s not allow ourselves to miss an opportunity for better because life did what it always does. 2020 will eventually come out swinging, so I say we anticipate the punch, duck – and hit back.

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The Bottomline

Let me close by saying I am not obtuse to the reality that life sometimes throws low blows that can render us immobile for a time. Trust me, I get it, and I in no way want to downplay the severity of issues that some, unfortunately, deal with on a daily basis.

All I’m suggesting is that this year we try our best to keep a firm grasp on what is ours; that being – our emotions and earnest desire to improve our lives. Come hell or high water nothing should dissuade or derail us from maximizing the gift of another year.