Don’t Forget Last Year

Don’t Forget Last Year

And just like that, we’re in the year 2020.

For me, a new year is equal parts exciting and depressing. Exciting, because it’s new – and who doesn’t love new? It’s a new year with endless possibilities! There is an aspect of a new year that’s unsettling, simply because you don’t know what to expect, or what challenges the next twelve months might hold. Even still, the feeling of a clean slate and fresh start typically erodes any anxiety.

On the other hand, a new year can often be depressing (depressing may be a bit strong – let’s use disheartening instead). Disheartening because you look back at the things you may have wanted to accomplish the year before that never got done – or fell by the wayside.

Perhaps you had goals that fell through. Maybe you started the year hot with a lot of steam, only to find yourself gassed six months in. I know the feeling. It sucks.

Maybe “life” happened, and your year sort of fell apart. Whatever the case, looking back at it can often be saddening – especially if you feel like you let yourself or others down.


So what do we do? We start the year with every intention to forget the past and move ahead! Que the hashtags and corny Facebook posts!

#Thisismyyear #Goodbye2019 #Hello2020

“This year I’m cutting out negativity, and focusing on me.”

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I get it though. We all want to move on and better ourselves. But here’s the thing – we can never improve our lives without first considering what interfered with that improvement last year.

The Past

I think our new year is best served when we learn from the mistakes from the year prior. Instead of “cutting out the negativity this year,” perhaps consider how it arrived in your life last year. Reality is, we can have all the hashtags and write all the wittiest new year’s captions – but unless we deal with the leaks in our lives that undermine our goals and resolutions, our new year will soon look a lot like our last.

Simply stated: The Past: Don’t live in it, but learn from it.

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So here’s to a new year, one in which we approach the next twelve months with ferocity and hope, having first meticulously (and honestly) dealt with our failures from the last year.

p.s. I seriously don’t know why I haven’t used gifs in the past. I got to step my game up!