God Plus Nothing

God Plus Nothing

I am not a “handyman”, my Dad is. Dad can fix just about anything, and if he doesn’t know how to fix it – he’ll figure it out.

I’ve written about his handiness in a previous post entitled “It’s the Little Things”.

Growing up I was the “tools guy”. The job description was simple: Hand Dad the tools when he asks for them. A secondary function to my role was to, “aprender” or learn, because as Dad would always say, “yo no voy estar aqui siempre(I won’t be here forever).

(The pic above is actually from one of the last projects we worked on together, the desk in my office – circa 2016)

Lately, I’ve come to realize that I treat God in the same fashion that I do my Dad whenever we’re working on a project. I find myself trying to hand God tools.

Helping God

Bri and I have recently been believing for something in particular. The panning out of said “thing” would segway us into a new chapter of our lives.

(Side note: I’m being purposefully vague now as we’re still in the thick of it. Once our prayers have been answered and we have our resolution, believe me, I’ll write all about it)

There has been no lack of faith on our part, however, I have found that I have a tendency to want to help God. This comes naturally to me as I am an avid proponent of backing up our faith with works.

In the past, when God has placed things on my heart, my mind would automatically begin to work overtime to figure out ways to make it happen.

But what happens when God purposefully places us into situations where there is no “work” to be done? Or if there was work, we’ve completed it only to find we have yet to receive what we’re believing for in faith? Better yet, what happens when the only “work” available is simply to place your faith in God.

That’s where Bri and I are currently, and I in particular – FREKIN HATE IT!

Feeling Helpless

I don’t like feeling helpless. I don’t like feeling like there is nothing more for me to do, other than wait on God and believe He will do what only He can. As much as I love Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus, take the wheel”, in real life I still prefer to keep one hand on the wheel, or at the very least sit in the passenger’s seat giving directions.

But I’ve come to believe God sometimes places things on our heart that only He can make happen for us. All the while keeping us exactly where we are, with nothing but that unsettling feeling we all get that stems from questioning whether or not the word that was placed on our heart was actually from Him.

The Game of Faith

This is the game of faith. It’s doubting, questioning, and wondering. It’s disappointment, frustration, and discomfort.

But It’s also joy, wonder, and excitement. It’s witnessing the unbelievable and experiencing firsthand the grace of God.

In the meantime though, we’ll remain in the dark, with no tools to give and nothing but a soft voice to follow. And God will delight in where he’s placed us, not because He’s cruel, but because He wants us fully reliant on Him.

God wants us to learn that in this everyday faith walk of ours – it’s Him plus nothing.

I’m learning that now in a new way. I can’t say I like it, but oftentimes great discomfort precedes new growth.