Top 6 | 0-6 Month Milestones

Top 6 | 0-6 Months Milestones

Just this Tuesday, Judah hit 7 months old! I will admit, he looks more and more like Bri everyday, but he has proven to be quite an active baby (much like his ol’ man!) Seeing him develop from a lax baby likely to fall asleep on your chest, to an energetic boy chasing Lucy (our Irish-doodle) around the house in his walker, has been hilarious and thrilling all at the same time!

So being that he has surpassed the half year mark, and has developed quite a bit, I figured I’d write a post about the top 6 milestones from the last 6 months.

1.) Smiling (2 Months)

Judah is a SUPER smiley baby – and Bri and I LOVE it! He does play hard to get if he’s around new people, but once he warms up, he spends most of his time cheesin’.

He started smiling heavily around the 2 month mark. I remember because Bri sent me a video of herself making him smile when she would kiss his cheek. Now all you have to do is call his name and he’ll flash you his gums and two teeth lol!

2.) Rolling (3 Months)

This was perhaps one of the more frustrating milestones, simply because I had to fight the urge to help him. At around 2 months, Judah started trying to roll. He was going from his back to his stomach, but he would ALWAYS get his chunky arm caught.

You want to talk about fussy? This boy would throw A FIT because he couldn’t complete the full roll. Then finally, at exactly the three month mark, he managed to gather enough momentum to get his body over his arm.

Now, he’s a rolling a machine. In fact, whenever Bri and I lay him on our bed, we barricade him with big cushy pillows to keep him from rolling off.

Although he’s learning how to climb over things now – so there’s that…

3.) Interacting (3 – 4 Months)

Between the 3 – 4 month mark, Judah really started to interact with his surroundings. Most exciting was watching him begin to reach out for toys. Bri and I would literally watch as he would discover where to place his hands in order to grab the toys he wanted.

I feel like in watching him learn how to grab things, I came to have a much more profound appreciation for something as simple as fine motor skills. We’ve been able to watch him go from figuring out how to grasp something in front of him, to now being able to reach out and grab his own bottle, so that he can feed himself.

4.) Laughing (4 Months)

This is one of my personal favorites. Seeing Judah smile warms my heart, but hearing him laugh…melts my heart (super cheesy right? lol). But seriously, his laugh is infectious. What’s great is that he’s a really ticklish baby, so anytime Bri and I want to hear that cute laugh of his, we just go for his neck and feet.

5.) “Walking” (5 Months)

While he isn’t exactly “walking” per se, Judah has become an avid user of his walker. When we first got it for him, he only knew how to move forward by lunging with both legs.

Now Judah has become quite the pro, navigating around the house in his Joovy Spoon. He does get occasionally stuck on the carpet, but he’s learned how to go for forward, reverse, and around objects to get where he wants.

6.) Eating (5 – 6 Months)

This is one of Bri’s favorites, especially because she loves to cook. We’ve finally arrived at the age where we can feed Judah just about anything (except honey, our pediatrician said NEVER to feed a baby honey).

I’m using “feed” loosely here. What I mean specifically is we can now let Judah try just about anything. As with most babies, he’s a huge fan of fruits, and not as thrilled about vegetables (also like his ol’ man lol). However, Bri is a ninja with sneaking vegetables into his meals.

I tend to be the more cautious one when giving him new foods to try. Bri on the other hand loves to have him try anything and everything. Perhaps the funniest thing about feeding him is watching his stank face when he doesn’t care for something. It’s definitely provided Bri and I with some great laughs.


Overall, the past 6 months have been a whirlwind of excitement and emotions. Bri and I have had the time of our lives watching our baby boy develop right before our eyes.

I know he’s not even a year old, and there is a ton to look forward to, but I can already say that time is flying by.

To any new dads out there, soak in every minute of it – because it’s quite the adventure, but it goes quick as a flash!