3 Reasons Why You Should “Trust the Process”

3 Reasons Why You Should “Trust the Process”

Confession time: patience is not my strong suit.

Can I get an amen?

For me, few things are as frustrating as having to wait for something I badly want. I’m the kind of guy that orders something on Amazon Prime, only to still get antsy knowing I have to wait two days to get it.

Let’s face it though, we live in a culture that breeds impatience. In a world where 2 day shipping is the new norm, fast food restaurants are on every corner, and endless entertainment is just a click away – why would we accept anything less than instant?

We shouldn’t “have to“.

But thats not real life.

Real Life

Real life isn’t instant.

Success isn’t instant. Great relationships aren’t built in an instant. Careers aren’t made in an instant. Habits rarely change in an instant. I can keep going.

Real life demands patienceit demands a process.

The Process

It’s this “process”, however, that keeps people in a state of constant discontentment. Why? Because it’s the seemingly never ending interim between where we are, and where we want to be.

We have a vision for our life – a goal. In our mind we can visualize a detailed life for ourself that is comfortable, successful, and happy. And yet, we wake up every morning far from that vision. We wake up only to be reminded that our life is not nearly as far along as we anticipated, thus, we find ourselves questioning whether those dreams of ours were ever attainable in the first place – or just fantasies we created to make ourselves feel better.

So we get caught in a rut. Like quicksand, “the process” ends up feeling more like a trap keeping us stuck – than a beneficial dynamic to be trusted.

So what are the the benefits, you might ask? Why should “the process” be trusted?

Keep reading.

1.) The Process – Reveals Who You Are

Heavyweight champion boxer Joe Frazier once said, “champions aren’t made in the ring, they’re merely recognized there”.

The process forces us to dig deep. It forces us to to pull something out of ourselves that would otherwise remain dormant. It’s in this digging where we find our inner champion. We find that man or woman willing to blast through barriers, and persevere through setbacks.

We may be recognized and applauded when we arrive at our desired end goal, but the truth is, it was the process that forced us to find the will within us to get there in the first place.

2.) The Process – Refines Us

Gold, in its natural form, typically contains many impurities. It’s not until gold is placed under extreme heat that the impurities can be removed, and a desirable shape and quality come forth.

The process functions the same way.

To get from where we are, to where we want to go – we need to be refined. All desirable things, whether it’s a healthier relationship with our spouse, success in our careers, or greater control of our finances, demand that we remove blockades that would otherwise keep us from achieving them.

These blockades can be bad habits, laziness, negative thinking, poor judgment or any other hindrance. It’s the process, however, that forces us to resolve these issues in order to arrive at our goal.

Think about it, have you ever noticed how incredibly fit olympians are? Consider Michael Phelps, for example. He’s a well decorated olympian – because he’s a refined athlete. If Michael Phelps ever struggled with any blockades, we’d probably never know about it, because arriving at the world stage (and winning) required him to correct anything that would have kept him from achieving his athletic goals.

So embrace the refining, after all, it’s a testament of your worth.

3.) The Process – Keeps Us Humble

One of the most obnoxious attributes a person may possess is arrogance.

The process, however, keeps us humble. It keeps us tethered to the struggle, discipline, faith, resilience, refining, and testing that it took to get us from where we were, to where we ended up.

Like a badge of honor, the process serves to remind us that nothing was freely given – everything was earned. Ultimately, it makes the mountain top we’re climbing towards that much sweeter. When we arrive, we’ll know we’ve done so through blood, sweat, tears, and prayers – but nonetheless, we arrived.

All in All

Every one of us striving for something greater are either “in the process”, or about to begin a new one. Now while the interim between where we are, and where we want to go, is never inherently enjoyable – it is still to be trusted.

The process doesn’t exist out of sheer coincidence – it exists to separate the wheat from the chaff. It’s meant to be a mirror, and show us who we really are. It’s meant to refine us, and burn away the impediments to our own success and happiness. And it is meant to keep us humble and grateful, as a consistent reminder of the work that was put in, the challenges faced, and the obstacles overcome.

All in all, if we learn to view the process through its rightful lens, we’ll come to realize the benefits far outweigh the pain.


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