Jesus Remains Faithful

Jesus Remains Faithful

2 Timothy 2:11-13 (NLT)

11 This is a trustworthy saying:

If we die with him,
    we will also live with him.
12 If we endure hardship,
    we will reign with him.
If we deny him,
    he will deny us.
13 If we are unfaithful,
    he remains faithful,
   for he cannot deny who he is.

Exciting Scriptures

There are passages of scripture that incite excitement. 2 Timothy 2:13 is one of those scriptures. Think about it, “if we are unfaithful, he [Jesus] remains faithful, for he cannot deny who he is”. Who wouldn’t be stirred up reading that?

In many ways it sounds like an insurance policy – I can potentially cease to be faithful, but have the assurance that Jesus wont.

Shoot, sounds like a sweet deal!

Except that that’s not what the scripture is saying.

In Context

Out of context we read what seems to be a pass for fickleness. In context we find something far different.

Consider the second half of verse 12, “if we deny him, he will deny us”.

Doesn’t that negate verse 13 – you know, the exciting verse?

The answer is no, because the focal point of Jesus’ faithfulness in verse 13 isn’t us, as we’re led to believe if we take the scripture out of context.

The focal point, when read correctly, is himself and his word.

He Means What He Says

At face value, it may sound selfish for the object of Jesus’ faithfulness to be himself and his word. Truth is, it’s actually a pretty wonderful thing.

Consider the fact that we live in a world in which peoples word can rarely be relied on. Politicians are elected on the basis of promises that will ultimately never be fulfilled. Statements of facts, made by people we trust, are shrouded in biases and disinformation.

We end up living skeptical lives, taking the word of anyone with a grain of salt.

But Jesus, “cannot deny who he is”.

In other words, while we may not follow through, we have the assurance that if Jesus said something in his word – he meant it.

From A to Z

This is good news – and sobering news.

Good news – because he meant every promise of blessing, healing, restoration, comfort, grace, forgiveness, etc…

Sobering news – because he meant every warning, rebuke, denouncement, and challenge.

Jesus meant everything he said from A to Z.

So What Now?

What can we do with this passage of scripture?

We can rest assured that Jesus’ word is true and trust worthy, and we can live our lives knowing that while people may fail – Jesus cannot deny who he is.

If we turn to Jesus’ words in search of comfort, direction, or any other need, we can feel at peace knowing he not only meant them – but he will fulfill them.

If we are unfaithful – he remains faithful.

Question: Do you have a particular need right now? If so, find a passage of scripture that pertains to it, and read it through the lens of 2 Timothy 2:13.