Tips For Flying With a Baby

Tips For Flying With a Baby

A couple of weekends ago, Bri and I flew with Judah down to South Florida to visit family and friends. As with most things that pertain to Judah, Bri scoured the internet in search of baby tips that may be helpful. In this case she searched for tips for flying with a baby.

Like all “tips and tricks” blog posts, some points were extremely helpful, while others – not so much. As such, we decided to write a joint post from our own vantage points of things that we found most helpful when flying with a baby. Hope it helps!

1. Babywearing (Bri)

If you don’t take anything else away from this post, remember this – wear your baby! TSA will allow you to go through security with your baby strapped on to you, as long as your carrier does not have any metal on it (I made the mistake of wearing my ring sling on our first flight, and ended up having to take Judah out to get through security).

On the return flight my step mom let me take her carrier (which was a total life-saver), the carrier has no metal on it so I was able to get through TSA with no problem.

Being hands free while going through the airport makes everything easier; especially if you have a connecting flight (which we did). The only time you’re asked to take the baby out of the carrier is during the flight – which is more comfortable anyways.

2. Know Where Things Are (Ricky)

I’m sure most guys would agree, the only thing more frustrating than spending what seems like an eternity digging through your wife’s purse trying to find something to no avail – is when she reaches into it herself, and pulls out exactly what you were looking for.

Equally as frustrating is having to dig ferociously through a diaper bag in search of a burp cloth after your baby just blew chunks mid flight.

So I highly recommend knowing exactly where things are. Dad’s, try your very best to know beforehand where all of the essentials are located (i.e. pacifiers, diapers, wipes, burp cloths, toys, etc.) Chances are, you’ll need to grab these items at a moments notice – like in the case your baby decides to poop moments before you’re supposed to board the flight (Judah took it upon himself to do this – when they were calling for final boarding I might add).

What a good time. Lol

3. Be Ready to Feed Your Baby! (Bri)

Our pediatrician recommended we either feed, or use a pacifier during takeoff and landing to help with the discomfort of the changes in pressure.

Seriously, this advice was gold!

Now although I’m breastfeeding, bottle feeding will do just fine! I’d also recommend having a favorite blanket handy as well. I started feeding Judah during takeoff, and by the time the seatbelt sign went off, we had a sleeping baby! Can I get an amen!?

It also helps that the motion and sounds of the airplane are really soothing. In fact, the only time Judah was really fidgety, was while the plane was sitting still before takeoff and after landing.

4. Wait to Board the Plane (Ricky)

Normally I like to board the plane as soon as I can. Just the thought of being the guy that hold’s up the line because I can’t find a place in the overhead compartment to put my carry on bag gives me anxiety. Pray for me.

However, with Judah, Bri and I found it was better to wait as long as we could before boarding. Not getting on the flight right away allowed us to have an extra few minutes to walk around and keep him distracted before being tied to a seat for an hour and a half.

Bri and I noticed that Judah was at his fussiest when we were sitting idly on the flight. So even if you’re the last ones to get on, nothing beats avoiding having to sit with a fussy baby while waiting for everyone to board the plane.

Side Note: We were the last ones to board our flight in Palm Beach. By the time we tried to get on, the overhead compartments were already full, so American Airlines checked in our bags – FO FREE! Shout out to AA!

5. Relax, It’s Actually Not as Difficult as it Seems (Ricky & Bri)

(Ricky) I’m definitely the worrier between Bri and I, so I will admit to having been pretty nervous about flying with Judah. As always though, it turns out I was just working myself up. Flying with Judah really wasn’t bad at all. As long as you bring things to keep your baby distracted – you should be good to go.

Also, Bri and I felt that people were very understanding when Judah did get restless. Truth be told, all of our flights were fairly late at night – so who wouldn’t have been fussy and dying to get to bed.

So I’d say relax and enjoy the experience. Come prepared and the flight will be a breeze!

(Bri) As most new moms know, people LOVE to psych you out for things that in reality did not need “psyching”. This was definitely one of those cases for me.

I was asked numerous times, “you’re going to fly with a baby that small”, “what about the babies ears, isn’t that bad for them”, and “why don’t you just drive”.

Yeah, a 13 hour drive wasn’t going to happen for me.

Honestly, flying was so much easier than I anticipated – and way easier than other moms made it out to be. Mama’s, take a deep breath, get a venti Starbucks, and enjoy your trip!

If you happen to have any questions at all, feel free to comment below! We’d love to answer them!