Does God Answer Prayers?

Does God Answer Prayers

Does God Answer Prayers? Normally when planning a blog post, I question Bri about the topic I intend to write about. Asking Bri questions and hearing her answers always helps me to untangle the web of thoughts that I have strung about wildly in my head. So this week I asked her, “Babe, what comes […]

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Does Prayer Actually Work?

Does Prayer Actually Work

Does Prayer Actually Work? Have you ever seen the movie Bruce Almighty? There is a scene in the film when Jim Carrey, playing God, is tasked with answering prayers in the form of emails. He ferociously types away, answering emails at an unbelievable rate, only to realize that no dent has been made in the […]

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3 Things Every New Dad Should Know

3 Things every New Dad Should Know

3 Months In I cannot even begin to tell you how incredible the last few months have been! Seeing Judah develop right before my and Bri’s eyes has been an unbelievable experience. For us, It’s been particularly fascinating to see him make developmental leaps seemingly overnight. It feels like from one day to the next, […]

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What Makes One Person Better Than The Other?

Middle School The seven of them sat at the same small table everyday during lunch. Out of obligation, the rest of the student body sat elsewhere. It’s interesting how in the pliable mind of a middle school student, one thing was concrete – “they sit at that table, we sit everywhere else”. ‘They‘ were the […]

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The Hardest Part About Being a Dad – So Far

The Hardest Part About Being A Dad

November 4, 2018 The delivery room was dim, save for the light radiating from the television set on the wall, and the heart monitor behind the hospital bed. A soft constant murmur emanating from the television filled the air, disrupted every 3-5 minutes by the sound of a deep breath, and the pitter patter of […]

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3 Reasons Why You Should Question Your Views

12th Grade In high school I had a government teacher once ask me, “if Jesus came to America, would he be a Democrat or a Republican?” The question was loaded, but I had my answer quickly ready to fire. I stood there in my JROTC uniform, knowing full well that he was aware of my […]

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3 Keys to Looking Back at Your Life

Visiting SoFla A couple of weekends ago Bri and I had the opportunity to visit our families in South Florida. The trip was wonderful! I was given the privilege to speak at my home church, Bri and I were finally able to quench our Cuban food cravings; but even more exciting, we were finally able […]

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Pick A Fight

The plans and purposes that God has for us won’t be found in our comfort zones. They’re going to be found in the places where we are actively fighting our fears, doubts, and insecurities. Simply put, if we’re going to step into our destiny – we’re going to have to pick a fight with ourself. […]

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Purpose: Who has it & How to Find it

7.5 There are seven and a half billion people on this planet. Seven and a half…. billion. Seven and a half billion people with differing ethnicities, views, interests, aspirations, and the list goes on. Seven and a half billion…and yet…. there’s a common thread. You see, I have this burning conviction, that each and every […]

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